A District for Everyone

Our political atmosphere has taken a sudden turn toward a path that is greatly lacking in respect for everyday people. Representatives and senators are avoiding their constituents and more importantly, avoiding discussion.

We need leadership founded in free thinking with a strong desire to resist the political extremes. We need to re-align with the masses through the lens of liberty instead of authority.

- Awbrey Hughlett
Federal Candidate for Office
United States House of Representatives
Texas District 32

Awbrey Hughlett

Awbrey Hughlett

Awbrey Hughlett is a web developer by day and a congressional candidate by night

Guiding Principals

Every leader needs a framework to direct dialog and criticism.


People need freedom to get on with their lives. Government needs to protect that ability.


When freedoms overlap, an objective mediator is often necessary to manage the exchange. Government plays this role to ensure liberties are protected.


Pooled resources are a way for government to provide services for people that individuals and companies cannot or will not.

What's Important to You?

Give your input. Exercise your freedom to influence policy.

Everybody has their own range of important topics and concerns. See how yours compare to everyone else.

The list of topics to the left is sorted from most important on top to least on bottom. Adjust the list to your liking to provide your own opinion.

Government as a Function

Policy is a process that merges ideas. How?


Individual liberty are the focal point of our founding principles.


Peaceful resolution revolves around a respect for alternate solutions.


An individual's access to resources often correlates to economic success.


Enumerating rights is a distraction from the conversation of individual freedoms.


Ideas in a diverse society are not sacred. All must be considered honestly.


No individual or group should be inhibited by another on prejudice.